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We’re not your average Digital Marketing Agency. Above all, our knowledge and experience will provide you with valuable time and cost savings. So you can focus on other aspects of your business.


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We have driven countless brands to market. And we have re-energized dozens of brands that needed a little bit of a jolt in the right direction.

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We provide service packages, and also stand-alone à la carte options that we tailored based on your budget.

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What Our Clients Say

1111 Media Group - Digital Marketing Agency

What a wonderful and refreshing group of professionals who just “get it.” I have never worked with a more responsive and accountable team. Overlay that with great talent and you get a home run. I enjoy everyone I work with at 1111 Media Group and appreciate the authenticity and complete devotion to the client’s needs.

Damian D. Gonzalez, MMI

WOW! An amazing experience to work with this team. They gave more than we agreed and were an overall treat to partner with. They were open to hearing my ideas and making the video a product that would be beneficial for my client’s needs and not just a good video. Can I say the customer service was amazing…I just did!

Michael Grace, Blogger
beauty salon testimonial

Working with Chad and Laura at 1111 Media Group was a wonderful experience and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to drive more traffic to their business via social media and digital marketing.

Emman Aidan, Beauty Salon

Meet Our Team

Chad Barber
Chad BarberFounder & Media Producer
As the owner and founder of 1111 Media Group, Chad is committed to the success of each of his clients. He is passionate about providing excellent products and service. He loves video production and marketing!
Laura Alfonso
Laura AlfonsoArt Director & Web Designer
Laura is a creative genius. She uses her talent to communicate your brand and message beautifully across all types of material. She is versatile in style and can design to suit the look that you are after.
Ricardo Alfonso
Ricardo AlfonsoFull Stack Developer
Ricardo is a wizard when it comes to development work. He uses his skills to take our designs and transform them into wonderfully functional websites, making sure every detail has been taken care of.
Nicole Vega
Nicole VegaSenior Marketing Specialist
Nicole is our social media butterfly. Her favorite part about the job is that she gets to spend all day on Facebook! She loves interacting with people and always has great ideas on how to keep audiences engaged.

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