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Bespoke Logo Design services.

Your business logo design is a visual representation of your business and an opportunity to make a lasting impression. So let us help you get it right. We can create an authentic and original logo design to make your business stand out.

Professional, custom

logo design services unique to your business.

When it comes to creating a logo there is a few things to consider. First, consider your brand, corporate personality, and how you want it to be perceived. Your logo is the face of your business, typically your company’s first point of contact with the outside world.

If people connect with your branding, the higher the likelihood they’ll be more open to whatever it is offering them. Capturing an organization’s essence through design is what makes logos stick, stand out and be memorable.

At 1111 Media Group, we can help you create a custom logo design that accurately represents your brand. 

Logo Portfolio.

Logos created and designed by our graphic design team. Together with our marketing team, we create logos with stories to tell.

designing your logo

logo design process.

Ready to Craft your brand identity?.

To find out more, let’s start a conversation – you can book a call with one of our experts using our online calendar link. There’s no cost, and we can provide some free initial advice as well as discuss your options with you. So, let’s talk!

Types of logos

which one is best for you.

We all remember a good logo, but what makes a logo design memorable? As professional business logo designers, we can help you explore your options and provide a wide variety of initial concepts to ensure you get the best logo for your brand.

Logo Symbol

These are usually simple graphics with no words. You need to choose a symbol that truly distinctively represents your company, or the design might not be recognizable to customers.

Abstract Logo

A typically unique design that, unlike logo symbols, is not based on an animal or an object but made with an abstract geometric form. Best left to design experts who understand how color, shape, and structure can mix to create meaning.


This is a logo that is purely typography. The font used is incredibly important, and without creative prowess, this type of logo can turn out boring or lackluster.

Emblem Symbol

These are typically used by schools or public organizations and have a certain regal energy to it.

Combination Logo

These are the most popular choice among major companies as they encompass both the name and a graphic that represents the company in a fun or original way.

Website Development

You have a winning logo. What’s next?.

The face of your company is complete. Now it’s time to build its personality and online presence. Let our team create a custom website befitting your stunning logo. We specialize in hand crafted design, web development and digital marketing services.

logo design

Frequent Asked Questions.

We have no set price list as each business is unique. We listen to your requirements during the initial consultation, and  create a custom proposal based on those needs. 

Remember that you are not simply hiring us to ‘design a logo’, but to listen to your needs and help your business grow.

Our team works with a strong orientation to goals, we will specify the delivery date on your proposal. The time required is usually about 1-2 weeks. Obviously, the delivery time also depends on your response times and the number of changes that you deem necessary at the stage of final delivery.

We have always managed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. In any case our team will be available to study your ideas to find the best solution. Of course, it is very important to fill out the brief and provide us more details of your business and your personal tastes, even in terms of colors and logo type, so that we can  come up with a new revised design.

After your project is finalized, you have full ownership of the logo. You are free to use it however you see fit. 

Once the final logo is finished we will supply you with as many variations as you may need.

  • CMYK version
  • CMYK One Color Version
  • White / Black (pure) Variants
  • RGB Version
  • Favicon
  • Original Editing Files
  • Logo Guideline (only upon request)

Changes are part of the job. During the process of your logo design, you will have unlimited possibilities of changes until the desired result is achieved. Our job is to create the perfect logo for your new business, and make you proud to use it.

Having a strong and identifiable logo can elevate and empower a brand. Inspirationfeed writes about the importance of that in this article. Still not convinced we are the right business logo design service for you? Check our client testimonials.

Our team offers the tools you need to execute your new brand if you want to focus on growing your business instead of juggling all of the marketing. Ready to learn more? Give us a call!