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Increase in monthly calls


Increase in organic visibility


Increase on Facebook Impressions 


Reduced Cost per acquisition

Project Overview.

Air Ambulance Reva approached our team in late 2019. They tasked our paid search experts with increasing the profitability of their Google AdWords and (Meta) Facebook Ads accounts, which had been running for several years. Reva also tasked our organic search team with setting their new site up for SEO success, protecting their search visibility throughout the migration process, generating more front-page rankings, and improving brand awareness.

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About the Client.

Reva provides air ambulance & medical transport services across the globe. Their mission is to provide safe, efficient, compassionate, air-ambulance transportation across the country or overseas to every patient they take into their care.

The Challenge.

They had worked with multiple agencies in the past, and every one of them was telling them to do something different. Their SEO strategy was not being implemented effectively, affecting their organic reach. In addition, having worked with multiple PPC management agencies, their account structure became disorganized and difficult to manage over time. 

After analyzing their paid search campaigns, we discovered numerous opportunities throughout their account – all the way through strategy, account structure, targeting, bid management, implementing proper conversion tracking and overall optimization.

The Approach.

Rather than unnecessarily overhauling the accounts, we decided to take advantage of years of data that had built up. By looking at which user demographics and ad types resulted in the most conversions, we were able to tweak our approach and improve campaign efficiency.

The next step was breaking existing Google Search campaigns down by ad group so we could see which were performing best, then analyzing the client’s CallRail data and working with the client to see which conversions, in the form of website quotes and CallRail tracked calls, ultimately led to sales. We could then focus the advertising budget on areas that would drive more leads. We then strategized on copy and strategic positioning to increase their conversion rates. 

PPC Advertising

Additionally, we also created an intricate paid social strategy through Facebook demographics, behavioral data, and custom audiences using Facebook lead ads in addition to image and carousel ads. All of this not only drove leads but also expanded their reach, engagement, and brand awareness. 

For our SEO efforts, our in-house  web development team collaborated with the client’s former web development agency to ensure a smooth migration. After a successful website migration, we partially redesigned and optimized key aspects of the site to fine-tune the brand, improve conversions and boost key rankings. 

Our organic strategy was split into three core tactics: restructuring the website to allow for more efficient crawling, optimizing their pages and creating new content to draw traffic, and building quality links to boost their domain authority.

These three techniques would work together to help Reva dominate the search results for their focus keywords.


Over the course of the campaign, we’ve helped our client pick up valuable rankings for their target keywords, reaching the front page for their brand on both ‘reva’ and ‘reva air ambulance,’ helping to get their site in front of the right audience.

“Our project manager has been so great to work with! 1111 Media Group takes the time to understand our company and industry, making an accurate campaign without us having to carry the heavy load.”
Douglas Weiz
Marketing Manager, REVA

The Outcome.

1. 185% Increase in monthly calls

After a period of four months, we were able to increase monthly leads by 185%, generating, on average 850 – 1,125 calls per month.

2. 328% Increase in organic visibility.

Our client saw a huge increase in organic leads. The increase in front-page keyword rankings benefitted them in all major organic KPIs, with traffic, leads and revenue growing. 

3. 585% Increase on Facebook Impressions.

This helped expand their reach, engagement, and brand awareness which was one of their main goals.

4. -52% Lower Cost Per Acquisition

Their CPA lowered by 52%, helping generate more revenue and a higher ROAS.

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